About us

Welcome to AI.Brand, a venture founded with a mission to empower women with comfort, safety, and a touch of allure in the water.

Meet Ana and Irma, the soulful surfers behind AI.Brand, residing in Bali—a haven for waves and conscious living. As modern women deeply committed to the well-being of our planet, we envisioned a brand that embodies both style and sustainability.

At AI.Brand, our commitment extends beyond just fashion. We handcraft our swimsuits in Bali, not only with an emphasis on comfort and style but also with the use of eco-sustainable practices. By championing sustainable methods, we aim to contribute to the preservation of our environment and support the local businesses that make Bali a unique and vibrant community.

Join us in the wave of change, where feeling confident and caring for the Earth go hand in hand. Dive into the AI.Brand experience and be part of a movement that celebrates conscious, comfortable, and captivating beachwear.